Public Affairs and Advocacy

We provide training and workshops to support the public and private sectors, as well as community groups engaged in advocacy work. Our public affairs services include:

  • Political and Issue Campaign Strategy:
    Our team possesses extensive experience in political and issue campaigns. We are ready to help your organization brainstorm, launch, and build successful political and issue campaigns.

  • Research and Surveys:
    Through focus groups, and both online and in-person surveys, we will help you reach diverse populations, specifically immigrants and New Americans, on key issues and policies impacting underserved communities.

  • Advocacy and Coalition Building:
    Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in advocacy and coalition building. We will develop and execute strategies that engage diverse grass-tops and grassroots coalitions to support your issue campaigns and achieve policy success at the state and national levels.

  • Messaging and Public Relations:
    Is your message relatable to diverse audiences? We will help you answer this question by simplifying your message and ensuring that underserved voices are included in your messaging and public-facing materials.

Community Engagement and DEI Services Overview

We take community engagement very seriously and ensure that it is not a one-time effort, but rather a foundation for building and maintaining bilateral relationships. We can help you identify the right audience and the best ways to engage diverse populations and communities in Minnesota and beyond. Our aim is to help community members, specifically underserved communities and communities of color, gain access to resources and opportunities that improve their lives and facilitate their engagement with organizations and decision-makers for the long term.

Beyond DEI Trainings and Genuine Engagement

We firmly believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work when integrated into organizational development and long-term vision. Our DEI approach goes beyond one-time training sessions. We develop a series of trainings and workshops designed to engage and transform your audience into long-term partners. These trainings help community members and institutional leadership engage, understand, and collaborate to make lasting impacts in their respective communities.

You can choose to partner with us for a long-term engagement (6-12 months) or hire our team for full-day training/workshops.

Who is at the Table? Community Events and Conferences!

Through the “Who’s at the Table” series, we engage public and private sectors with workshops and trainings aimed at creating informed and empowered communities. These educational events are an excellent opportunity to interact with the communities your organization serves and build trust with the public.

Building Power

We provide information on elections and voting rights, helping communities build power at both state and national levels. Our services include election and voting training tools, partnership opportunities, and speaking engagements to empower your organization and the communities you serve.

Marketing and Tailored Services

Organizations and businesses

We have built strong relationships with diverse communities and stakeholders in Minnesota and nationwide. We can help your organization reach non-English speaking populations and audiences. Benefits of working with us include:

  • Access to community resources and tools for DEI behavior change.
  • Cultural consultation and training for organizational leaders and stakeholders, focusing on New Americans and diverse communities.
  • Relationship building and cohort participation for your organizational leadership and stakeholders.
  • Strategic planning, program development, and messaging assistance.
  • Translation and interpretation services.
  • Earned and paid media advertisement.

For individuals and community members

  • Advice on leadership and career advancement.
  • Cohort training and access to institutional knowledge and resources.
  • Documenting, translation, and interpretation services.
  • Assistance with self-advocacy and messaging on issues and policies.
  • Coaching and support on important issues, including breaking down policies.
  • Networking and ongoing learning opportunities.
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